Virtual Assistants

Free Your Time
to do What Matters

Weekly Hours to Match Your Needs

From 3 hours a week to full time dedication, Loolo's Virtual Assistants will get things done. You can select the plan of your choice.

Multiple Lines of Work

Loolo's Virtual Assistants will help you to manage just about any task that you routinely do: Social Media Management, Data Entry, CRM Tools, Web Research, Travel Arrangements, and much more.

US based Client Success Manager

A Client Success Manager (CSM) will help you get the ball rolling, and will support you and your assistant along the way. The CSM will make sure that you achieve your goals with your VA.

Loolo Is The Best Nearshore Virtual Assistant Service In The US

Time is your most valuable asset.

Don't waste it, get your Virtual Assistant today.

The Best Virtual Assistants

Our proactive, creative, tech savvy virtual assistants can help you to manage just about any task that you routinely do.  From answering emails, to social posting, to bookkeeping, we can find you the perfect-fit candidate and help you get up and running quickly and smoothly.  

Loolo’s Virtual Assistants are high performance, hard working and detail oriented. 

Your US Customer Success Manager will help you get things rolling and will be available 24/7.  

How It Works

1. Select Your Plan

Examine your needs and determine how many hours a weeks you need help with. Select from our different plans: 2 hours per week, 8 hours per week, part-time or full-time. If you need guidance, call our Client Success Manager (CSM) at (480) 848-5770. Our CSM will help you determine what is the best plan for you to free your time and achieve your goals.

2. Meet Your Client Success Manager

A Success Manager (SM) will contact you to assist with setting up your task management app and delegating your first tasks. Your SM will not only help you get the ball rolling, they will also support you and your Virtual Assistant along the way for you to achieve your goals. 

3. Work With Your Assistant

Your are ready to free your time to do what matters to you. Grow your business, take on more projects, spend more time enjoying your family or hobbies. Meanwhile your assistant will get things done for you. 

Lines Of Work

Social Media Management

Feeling overwhelmed with all the social media posting you're supposed to do? Your VA will help you bolster your social media presence. They will build a content plan and then handle content creation and regular posting.

Data Entry

Paperwork piling up? Loolo's Assistants manage and maintain effective record keeping, organizing files and transcribing data wherever you need.

Content Creation

Looking to get that blog running? Need a video edited? Our VAs can handle that for you. With the ability to outsource work to our design and development teams, we can help you create great things.

Travel Arrangements

Prepare your travel itineraries, book cars, hotels, restaurants and events. Your personal concierge, if you like.

CRM Tools

Your VA can assist you in storing and updating records and collecting information for marketing purposes.

Web Research

Our VAs can gather data from the internet and give you the information and insights you need to achieve your goals.

Expenses and Invoices

Your Loolo Assistant can create invoices, send them to clients, track payments, and records expenses.

Event Planning

Do you keep postponing your event planning and getting nervous about the date approaching? Your VA will help you finding vendors, scheduling, or buying the things you need.

Order Products and Supplies

Order your products, supplies, office lunch, furniture or other goodies with your Loolo Assistant.

Basic Designs

Design your flyers, cards, posts, or website images.

Power Point Presentation

Do you have great content in your power point presentation but it doesn't look perfect? Your assistant is here to help.

Inbox Management

Do you have email piling up in your inbox? Loolo's VA will help you organize, and prioritize them so you don't miss anything.


8 hours/month Virtual Assistant

3 hours/week
$ 99
  • 8 hours / month
    2 hours/week
  • One line of Work
  • US based customer representative
  • Task Management App

32 hours/month Virtual Assistant

10 hours/week
$ 349 Monthly
  • 32 hours/month
    8 hours / week
  • Up To Three lines of Work
  • US based customer representative
  • Task Management App

80 hours/month Virtual Assistant

20 hours/week
$ 899 Monthly
  • 80 hours/month
    20 hours/week
  • Unlimited lines of work
  • US based customer representative
  • Part-time Dedicated VA
  • Task Management App

Full Time
Virtual Assistant

40 hours/week
$ 1699 Monthly
  • 160 hours / month
    40 hours/week
  • Unlimited Lines of Work
  • US based customer representative
  • Fully dedicated VA
  • Task Management App
  • 5 Minutes Response Time

Where are Loolo VA's located?

Latin America is the main US allied region. There is a plethora of untapped potential, just south of the US border in Latin America Highly skilled, highly motivated people who are eager for their chance to prove their mettle. With high English proficiency and a timezone that will match yours, we challenge you to find a better pool of candidates. These are some of the reasons why Latin America is your best bet:

Some Happy Clients...

What Our Clients Have to Say

Loolo's Developers are truly great talent. Their whole team has been incredibly trustworthy, hard working, and dedicated talent.
Cyndi Snyder
From New York, USA
Their talent is simply outstanding. We accomplished all of our project goals spending less money than we had budgeted. Loolo's communication is always clear and concise. Great service start to finish.
Miguel Alcala
From Gilbert, Arizona
We learned to work remotely with Loolo's VAs and it has been nothing but fantastic. Anytime we have an issue, Juliana is fast to get everyone back on the right page.
Lee Tanabe
From Honolulu, Hawaii
Loolo helped us build a great team of remote employees to run our ecommerce operations. Everyone we've added using Loolo has been knowledgeable, proactive, and they all speak great English.
Ripley Brown
From Phoenix, Arizona