We take care of contracts, legal and payments. You get great developers! Your hire, your people, your culture.


We recruit the most qualified talent in Latin America for your company.

The Loolo Process

Step by Step

Analyzing your Company’s Needs

With strong attention to detail, we understand your company’s needs and its culture/environment through an initial meeting.  We analyze the management requirements and goals before searching for potential candidates. 

Proactive Communication

We communicate proactively and regularly to ensure we present you with the best fitting candidates.    

Trusted Relationships

Anticipating and understanding the IT market needs, we build trusted relationships with the best available candidates in Latin America. Additionally, our hiring process is constantly active to ensure immediate access  to an outstanding pool of candidates.  

Best Hiring Platforms in Latin America

We have open positions permanently within the best hiring platforms in each Country to provide you with the best and most qualified talent. 

Loolo’s Initial Screening 

Our associates screen the pod of candidates that better match your company’s needs and culture. We schedule a first interview to filter the most qualified candidates. The talent that passes this first filter is scheduled for a technical interview.

Your Screening Process

Every company has their own internal screening process. You decide how to screen the candidates that pass the first filter. We’ll be there to support you with everything you need. 

No Headaches

We take care of contract, legal and payments. You won’t have to worry about the local hiring and payroll laws. It’s your hire, your people, your culture. 

Employer Of Record

We act as the Employer of Record. It is your employee and your employee only. 

This option works well if your company has experience hiring in Latin American countries. 

Direct Hire

How we place is as important as who we place. This option allows you to do a Direct Hire.

Relationship Employer-Employee

Regular communication, transparency and speed are our main focus. An exemplary placement process sets the tone for an excellent employer-employee relationship. 

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